About the company
Experiencing over 14 years of establishment and development of Machinery and Equipment Industry Corporation has made continuous progress in becoming an official agent for importing and supplying valves of many famous firms. At present, to meet the needs of our customers, our company has enriched and diversified products, such as coils, numbness, tubes which are put on the list which we now offer more to our customers. Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company was established under Decision No. 0309143035 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City with the main function:
- Dealer supply industrial valves used in fire protection system, petroleum, petroleum, boiler...;
- Installation of machinery and industrial equipment;
- Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and spare parts;
- Wholesale machinery, equipment and spare parts mining machine.

Our mission
"Our mission is to become a leading valve trading company in Vietnam. Serve the best customers in the market that the company has ".

Our philosophy
- Customers are the god is the basic value of any business, is the only reason for business survival and development. The "customer-centric" policy guided the way for the company's operations.
- We listen, analyze and understand the needs of each customer and apply their experience, skills and thinking to best address those needs, helping them focus on their business. Its core business. Each customer is a brick built on the value of the company.
- We are always interested, understand each of your work is the enthusiasm, effort, the expectations of friends and relatives, so our motto is: "Prestige - Efficiency "to provide the best products to customers.

Our team
- Our staff has been improving and perfecting our ability with enthusiasm and dedication to work.
- With many years of experience in the field of business management team, engineers and staff in our company will help to provide products to customers quickly, most effectively and most professionally.

Development orientation of the company
- Maintaining and increasing the speed of development on all indicators: sales, market share, human resources, brand value, quantity of products and product diversification.
- Promote and enhance the company's existing strengths in management and market development to a new level to meet the increasing needs of customers as well as to be ready in the same land. WTO integration.
- Coming to the Machinery and Equipment Industry Joint Stock Company, customers will be satisfied and satisfied with the dedicated, professional, enthusiastic, dynamic and thoughtful staff of their staff. I help keep the cost and time of the customer reasonable - the most effective!
- With the desire to serve the customers more and more thoughtfully, we are always willing to receive and gratitude for all suggestions of customers.

For further information please contact:
Machinery and Equipment Industry Joint Stock Company
Head Office: 6th Floor, Fimexco Building, 231-233 Le Thanh Ton St., Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Hotline: 093.27.90928
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.industracorp.com